Fr. Dennehy Fund

Fr. Dennehy Fund

Fr. Thomas Dennehy Memorial Fund


In 1999, when St. Brendanís founding principal Father Thomas Dennehy passed away, a group of dedicated alumni came together to create the Father Dennehy Memorial Fund (FDMF). 

The Fund is dedicated to raising funds from Sabre Alumni to support current St. Brendan students & families in urgent need.  When a student, and their family, find themselves in a situation that causes them to potentially leave the St. Brendan High community, the FDMF steps in with financial assistance.  The Fund is governed and administered by an independent Board of Directors comprised of St. Brendan alumni, faculty, and administration.  Since its founding, the Fund has supported over a dozen students who have gone on to graduate from St. Brendan and go on to successful college careers.   

In 2005, upon the formation of the St. Brendan High Alumni Association, it was decided that the FDMF would be a subset of the Alumni Association to be governed and administered by the Board of Directors of the Association.   

The SBHAA Board is currently formulating a campaign to fully endow the FDMF.  The goal of the endowment would be for every student to have the opportunity to finish their Saint Brendan education.   

For more information, please see the attached letter from Mrs. Martha Adams, St. Brendan High faculty member and 2006 FDMF Campaign Honorary Chair. 


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